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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member?
Any resident of Chennai can become a member of Connect4Books Lending Library after adequately proving their short-term or long term duration of stay in Chennai.

What kind of membership and subscription plans are available?
There are basically 2 types of membership  - one for members who walk in and select their books for borrowing and two those who remotely select their books online for home delivery service.

What plans are available for home delivery members?
There are 3 types of plans available for home delivery members. Each plan has an upper limit on the number of books that can be borrowed at a time.

Do you collect any registration fees?
Yes, there is a one time non-refundable joining/registration fees collected from members.

How to become a online member to avail door delivery services?

Please choose the plan appropriate for you.

Fill the membership registration form online.

Submit a scanned image/photo copy of your identity proof which also includes your valid residential address.  (Any of the following - Aadhaar Card (Unique Identification Card), Driver’s License, Passport, Postal ID Card, Ration Card, Voter ID Card can be provided). If you are unable to upload, you could submit a photocopy of your address proof to the person who delivers your first set of books.

Browse and borrow books on activation.

When will my online membership account be activated?
Your online membership will be activated within 24 hours of online registration. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Our staff member will follow-up with a phone call for payment and delivery details.

What books can I order online to read?
Once your account is activated, we suggest that you log-in with the user name (usually your registered email address) and password created by you to browse through the collection and add the books that you wish to read to "My Book Cart" as per your plan. Once you have chosen the books confirm them for lending. We also suggest that you add as many books as you wish to read to "My Wish List". In case the book that you requested is unavailable, we will send you a book from your Wish List subject to availability. We will deliver the books that you have queued in your wish list as per your plan and borrowing cycle.

Where will my books be delivered?
Books will be delivered to your registered address only. Any changes in your address and if you wish to change your delivery address, please email us from your registered email id and we will update in our database. We deliver books only to residences. We do not deliver books to work place or offices.

When will my books be delivered?
Once you have confirmed online the books you would like to borrow, we would immediately process your request. Please note books ordered before 2.00 PM will be delivered on the same working day. If they are ordered after 2.00 PM they will be delivered on the next working day. Books will not be delivered on Sundays, Festival and National Holidays. Any request for books placed during these days will be delivered on the next working day.

What do home delivery members pay for books?
Home delivery members subscribe to a plan according to number of books they want to borrow. Their subscription charges includes the home delivery and rental charges of books.

I am planning to be away from Chennai, will my membership be active?
Yes, Connect4Books membership is for a lifetime. You could always resume borrowing books whenever you return.

How will the books be delivered to me?
Books will be delivered by one of our staff members. Before starting they will confirm with you by SMS/email/phone. Only after receiving your confirmation will the books be sent out for delivery.

What if I have not completed the books within a month? What If I want to extend the reading of the books by another month?
Please inform us and we will schedule to deliver when you are ready to return the books. However, please note your extension will be treated as a new cycle. However, in spite of a confirmation by you and you are unavailable to receive the books during the scheduled delivery of books, we will arrange to deliver the books on another day at a cost of Rs. 50/- per visit.

What happens if I do not return the books on my due date?
We will remind you by SMS/Email/Call and inform you about your due date. In case of our repeated efforts to reach you and you still do not order a new set of books on or before your due date, the books with you will be booked as a new transaction/cycle.

Will such books attract any additional charges?
Books which you have not returned by your one month period will automatically be renewed as a new book transaction. If the renewal date falls on a Sunday/public holiday, it will be taken up on the next day.

Will I be charged late fees?
Not on books for which you have requested a renewal.

Can I authorize someone to collect the books on my behalf at my residence?
Yes, after you have informed us about who will collect the books. Please note we will not deliver books in other locations except at the registered delivery address.

Can I cancel my online membership?
Online membership can be cancelled anytime with prior intimation through your registered email id only. Online membership will be cancelled after your final returning of books.

Will my prepaid subscription charges be returned to me for the balance number of transactions remaining as per my plan?
When there are no dues from your end, we will payback only your refundable deposit by check which will be couriered to your registered address. If you prefer net transfer to receive your deposit, please send us your account details with name on the account, account number, bank name, branch and IFSC code. Prepaid Subscription charges cannot be refunded for the remaining balance in your account.So we suggest you to try utilize the maximum number of transactions permitted as per your plan and then cancel your online membership.

Can I upgrade from my current plan?
Yes, you can upgrade to a higher plan anytime. Once you remit the difference amount of the upgraded plan and subscription charges, you will migrate to a higher plan and the maximum number of books and transactions permitted as per your new plan  will be activated with immediate effect.

What if I want to buy the books that I borrow?
We are primarily an online lending library. However if you are particular about purchasing a book, we will be able to order the book for you through our suppliers subject to availability of the book in the marketplace. We will charge Rs. 50 - 100 extra as service charge for procuring the book and delivering the book to you according to your location.

How can I keep track of the books that I ordered?
Every online member through their log-in will be able to view their order history

What happens if a book is lost or physically damaged?
We expect all members to take good care of the books. As adults it is our responsibility to educate children on how to handle books and that they are for the purpose of reading and a source of joy, inspiration and entertainment. You need to ensure that books are not damaged by water or fire, soiled by food particles, ripped, torn, coloured or scribbled. Please remember as a member you expect to recieve and read books in good condition and similarly other members also expect the same. Return the books in good condition. In spite of caution, accidents do happen, in that case the member has to pay for the entire cost of the book including the current retail price, binding/lamination cost, shipping cost and an additional service fee for any irrepairable physical damage/loss of book.

How can I pay?

All plans for online members are prepaid.

Currently the following modes of payment are accepted

Cash On Delivery/Online Transfer

For online transfer, we will email the bank details of Connect Here 4 InfoServices Private Limited at the time registration to your registered email address.

Our address

Connect4Books Lending Library
Plot # 24, I Street
Somasundaram Avenue
Sakthi Nagar, Porur
Chennai 600 116
Tel: 0091-44-22523365/85

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